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03.13.2024 - Evie

Community Contribution Opportunity: Tiptap

Are you someone who loves giving back to your community but is searching for the perfect opportunity?

We've got just the thing! We're ...

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01.31.2024 - Evie

Welcoming Streets in Partnership with Downtown Sudbury, Business Improvement Area

Launch Date: February 1, 2024

Welcoming Streets is not just an initiative; it's a partnership forged between Downtown Sudbury and The G...

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01.31.2024 - Evie

Support Groups - Loved ones and Families

Launch Date: March 31st 2024

In a community where addiction touches the lives of countless families, finding solace and understanding b...

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06.06.2023 - Evie

Celebrating a Milestone: Health Canada Funding Boosts Go-Give's Impact

Today marks an extraordinary moment in the journey of The Go-Give Project. With hearts filled with gratitude and excitement, we a...

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03.23.2023 - Evie


Staying connected with the community is vital to any organization, and at Go-Give, it's at the forefront of our mission. We're excited to announce tha...

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